March 9th

1907: Indiana enacts the 1st US law allowing sterilization on eugenic grounds. Disabled people & women of color were targeted.

1926: Bertha Landes is elected mayor of Seattle, becoming the 1st female mayor of a major US city.

1928: Graciela Olivarez, Chicana activist; 1st woman & Latina law graduate from Notre Dame Law School, born.

1936: Glenda Jackson, British Member of Parliament who has also won 2 ‘Best Actress’ Academy Awards, born.

1959: Ruth Mosko Handler unveiled the Barbie Doll at the International American Toy Fair in New York.

1967: Svetlana Alliluyeva, daughter of Joseph Stalin, defects to the West.

1976: West Point Military Academy accepts its first female cadets. Today, women make of 15% of cadets at the school.

1979: Following a court ruling, Bowie Kuhn instructs Major League Baseball teams to allow women reporters in locker rooms.

1990: Dr Antonia Novello, a Puerto Rican physician, sworn-in as the 1st female & the 1st Latino US Surgeon General.



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