March 7th

1870: Wyoming allows women on juries; the right was later taken away until the 1950s, when women were again admitted to serve.

1875: Mary Norton, 6th woman in the US Congress, 1st from an Eastern state (NJ), & the 1st Democrat, born.

1893: Lorena Hickok, pioneering US journalist, confidante of Eleanor Roosevelt, author of books on the Roosevelts, born.

1908: Anna Magnini, Italian actress most known for her Oscar winning portrayal of a Sicilian widow in The Rose Tattoo, born.

1938: Janet Guthrie, pioneering woman auto racer; first woman to compete in Indianapolis 500 (1977) & Daytona 500 (1977), born. #wmnhist

1996: 3 U.S. servicemen convicted in rape of a 12-year-old Okinawa girl & sentenced by Japanese court to up to 7 yrs in prison.

2010: Kathryn Bigelow became 1st woman to win an Academy Award for best director, for her Iraq War thriller “The Hurt Locker.”


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