March 1st

1844: Lillian Stevens, US suffragist & temperance reformer who led the Women’s Christian Temperance Union for 16 years, born.

1864: Rebecca Lee Crumpler graduates from New England Female College, becoming the 1st African American female doctor.

1872: Bertha Haven Putnam, US historian, specializing on judicial & administrative history of medieval England, born.

1912: Isabella Goodwin appointed the 1st female police detective in the US, by the NYPD.

1972: Naomi Bronheim Levine became the first woman to hold the post of executive director of the American Jewish Congress.

1973: NY Post reporter Sheila Moran becomes 1st woman to regularly cover an MLB team when she’s assigned to cover the Yankees.

1978: Women’s History Week is first observed in Sonoma County, California.

1983: Tamara McKinney becomes 1st US woman skier to win the all-around World Cup.

1987: A Congressional resolution designating March as Women’s History Month is passed.



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