January 5th

1835: Olympia Brown, suffragist, one of the 1st female ordained ministers in the US, born. http://bit.ly/hoGAMU

1869: Sissieretta Jones, opera singer, 1st Black performer to appear at Carnegie Hall, born. http://bit.ly/ayLihg

1895: Jeanette Piccard, balloonist, 1st woman to fly to the stratosphere, 1st female priest in the Episcopalian Church, born. http://bit.ly/dXiH6y

1902: Stella Gibbons, author of ‘Cold Comfort Farm,’ noted as the killer of the Loam and Lovechild” school of fiction, born.

1906: Dame Kathleen Kenyon, noted archaeologist, most famous for her excavations of Jericho in the 1950’s, born.

1925: Nellie Tayloe Ross sworn in as governor of Wyoming: first woman governor in the United States. http://bit.ly/dKpEhN

1931: Lucille Thomas purchases Topeka baseball franchise in the Western League, the 1st woman to purchase a baseball team.

2011: Senator Barbara Mikulski, (MD-D) becomes the longest serving female Senator in US history.


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