January 3rd

1431: After being captured by French forces & ransomed to the British, Joan of Arc is handed over to the Bishop to be tried for heresy.

1793: Lucretia Mott, abolitionist, women’s rights pioneer, initiated 1st Seneca Falls Convention, born. http://bit.ly/s0xuIg

1816: Anne Ayres, nun & founder of the first Episcopalian religious order for women, born. http://bit.ly/hRxbVP

1824: Sophia B. Packard, co-founder of the Atlanta Baptist Seminary for African American women, which would eventually become Spelman College, born.

1905: Anna May Wong, 1st Chinese American movie star & 1st Asian American to become an international star, born.

1924: Sadie Peterson Delaney opens the Veteran’s Library at the Tuskegee, AL Veterans Administration Hospital. Here she pioneered the field of bibliotherapy – “the treatment of a patient through selected reading.” Delaney, one of a proud tradition of Black female librarians, served at the Library she founded for 34 years.

1933 – Minnie D. Craig becomes 1st female Speaker in the US when she is elected Speaker of the ND House of Representatives.

1934: Carla Hills, the 1st woman to serve as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (served under Gerald Ford), born.

1939: Gene Cox, daughter of a Rep. from GA, becomes the 1st female page in the US House of Representatives by serving 1 day in her father’s office.

1949 – Margaret Chase Smith (R-Maine) starts her tenure in the Senate, where she stays in office until 1973; the first woman to serve in both the House and Senate as she previously served in the House.

1953 – Frances Bolton & her son, Oliver from Ohio, become the 1st mother & son to serve simultaneously in the U.S. Congress.

1987: Aretha Franklin is inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of fame, the 1st female artist to receive that honor.

1988: Margaret Thatcher becomes the longest serving Prime Minister of the 20th Century, eventually serving 11 years.


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