January 2nd

1854: Alice Mary Robertson, 2nd woman to serve in Congress, 1st from OK, 1st to defeat an incumbent, born. She was hostile to suffrage. http://bit.ly/dLXiIN

1857: M. Carey Thomas, 1st female dean in the US, 2nd president of @BrynMawrCollege, suffragist, born. http://bit.ly/aQFLyl

1873: Saint Térèse of Lisieux, a nun declared a Doctor of the Church, 3rd woman to be so honored in the Roman Catholic Church, born. http://bit.ly/eckhnf

1890: Alice Sanger becomes 1st female White House staffer, hired by US President Benjamin Harrison. http://bit.ly/tF15LN

1893: 1st commemorative stamp to feature a woman debuts, honoring Queen Isabella of Spain. http://bit.ly/cQRUZx

1903: President Theodore Roosevelt shuts down post office in Indianola, MS for refusing to accept it’s appointed postmistress because she was black.

1904: Sally Rand, burlesque dancer and actress who was the star of the Chicago World’s Fair, born. http://bit.ly/euMzQ9

1991: Sharon Pratt Dixon was sworn in as mayor of Washington, D.C., 1st Black woman to head a city of DC’s size & prominence.

2001: Sila Calderón becomes the 1st female Governor of Puerto Rico.


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