January 24th

1850: Mary Noailles Murfree, Appalachian (US) novelist who published local-color lit under the pen name Charles Egbert Craddock, born.

1857: Dr. Katherine Barrett, founder of National Florence Crittenton Mission, which established “unwed mother’s homes,” born.

1862: Edith Wharton, US ‘Gilded Age’ novelist, author of ‘The House of Mirth,’ ‘Ethan Frome,’ born. http://ht.ly/3J8Do

1888: Neysa McMein, prolific US magazine cover artist, portrait artist, member of the Algonquin Round Table, born.

1925: Maria Tallchief, Native American (Osage) ballerina, 1st prima ballerina of the NYC Ballet, founder of Chicago City Ballet, born.

1968: Mary Lou Retton, 1st US woman to win Olympic gold in All-Around gymnastics, 1st woman featured on Wheaties box, born

1985: Penny Harrington becomes the first woman police chief in a US major city (Portland, Oregon)

1989: Barbara Harris’s election as Bishop is ratified, making her the 1st woman ordained a bishop in the Anglican Communion.


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