January 23rd

1813: Camilla Collett, commonly called 1st Norwegian feminist, novelist who focused on the perils of patriarchy, born.

1837: Amanda Berry Smith, African Methodist Episcopal missionary, founder of an orphanage & a trade school, born into slavery.

1849: Elizabeth Blackwell became 1st woman in America to receive a medical degree, from the Medical Institution of Geneva, NY.

1870: 173 members of the Blackfoot tribe, 140 women & children, murdered by the US Army in Montana in the Marias Massacre.

1918: Gertrude B. Elion, pharmacologist who won Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1988, developed drugs to treat leukemia, malaria, born.

1933: Chita Rivera, Broadway actress, 1st Anita in West Side Story, 1st Latina to receive a Kennedy Center Honors award, born.

1970: members of Dutch feminist group Dolle Mina set fire to bras during a protest. (US feminist bra burning is mostly a myth)

1973: American Newspaper Publishers Assoc. tells SCOTUS laws prohibiting gender segregated job listings violate their rights


3 responses to “January 23rd

  1. Love these! Also, in 1997, Madeleine Albright became the first woman to serve as United States Secretary of State: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madeleine_Albright

  2. I will probably get yeleld at for this but….While Harper runs the country as an economist (as it should be run, I might add) and has done better than previous prime ministers, that doesn’t excuse his complete unwillingness to address pro-life issues. He avoids them because he knows- one way or another- he will pay for it politically. Voting someone like him in not only supports him and his stand (or lack thereof), it also gives no impetus for him to revisit any issue. He knows he will always get support, no matter how much someone may hold their noses and vote.Just my thoughts.

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