January 20th

1820: Anne Jemima Clough, English suffragist & advocate of women’s higher education, born.

1856: Harriet Stanton Blatch, suffrage strategist, founder of the Women’s Political Union, biographer of her mother Elizabeth C. Stanton, born. http://bit.ly/9yUU3z

1869: Elizabeth Cady Stanton becomes the 1st woman to testify before the US Congress.

1891: Lili’uokalani became Queen of Hawaii. She would be the last monarch before the nation fell to American colonizers.

1892: Bessie Coleman, 1st African American female to hold a pilot’s license, barnstormer show pilot, born. http://bit.ly/6dB4t

1895: Eva Jessye, 1st Black woman to receive international distinction as a professional choral conductor, born.

1910: Joy Adamson, naturalist, author of ‘Born Free,’ which describes her experiences raising a lion cub, born.

1952: Patricia McCormick makes her bullfighting debut in Mexico, becoming 1st female professional bullfighter from the US.

1993: Maya Angelou recites “On the Pulse of Morning” at Bill Clinton’s inauguration. Video: http://bit.ly/f3wjJE

2009: Barack Obama sworn in as the 1st Black president of the US. Michelle Obama becomes 1st Black US First Lady in history.


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