January 1st

1752: Betsy Ross, businesswoman widely credited with sewing the 1st American flag, born. http://bit.ly/Jdl9p

1897: Catherine Drinker Bowen, American biographer who, despite a lack of formal education, won numerous awards for her profiles.

1923: Aimee Semple McPherson, 1st famous Pentecostal evangelist, dedicated the Angelus Temple in Los Angeles. http://bit.ly/gWXhU5

1936: Eve Queler, pioneering female conductor & founder of the Opera Orchestra of NY, born. http://bit.ly/hfTvqm

1975: The  United Nations’ International Women’s Year begins.  UNIFEM was established this year and the first World Conference on Women was held in Mexico City.

1977: Jacqueline Means becomes the first woman ordained in the Episcopal Church with official sanction.


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