January 15th

1811: Abby Kelley Foster, abolitionist, early suffragist, fundraiser & lecturer for the American Anti-Slavery Society, born

1836: Constance Fantleroy Runcie, founder of oldest existing women’s club, the Runcie Club, located in St. Joseph, MO, born.

1845: Ella Flagg Young, educator, 1st female superintendent of a major US city school system (Chicago), born.

1850: Sofia Kovalevskaya, mathematician, 1st women on the editorial staff of a modern mathematical journal, born.

1860: Katharine Bement Davis, criminologist, female sexuality researcher, 1st woman to head a major NYC agency when she led Corrections Commission.

1862: Loie Fuller, US pioneer of both modern dance & theatrical lighting techniques, born. http://bit.ly/f7z8ZI

1908: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 1st organization of Black Greek sisterhood, founded at Howard University by Ethel Hedgeman.

1968: Jeannette Rankin Brigade — over 5,000 women — marched on Washington, DC, protesting the Vietnam War.

1997: Princess Diana spoke out for an international ban on anti-personnel landmines, countering British government policy.


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