January 13th

1381: Nicolette Boylet, later Saint Colette, abbess & founder of the Colettine Poor Clares, a reform movement of nuns, born.

1559: Elizabeth Tudor, who established the Church of England & supported the work of artists like Shakespeare, crowned Queen.

1810: Ernestine Rose, atheist, feminist & abolitionist, helped win property rights for NY women, born. http://bit.ly/i317MI

1827: Ethel Lynn Beers, best known for the famous Civil War poem, “All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight,” born.

1850: Charlotte Ray, 1st African-American woman lawyer & 1st woman admitted to the bar in D.C., born. http://bit.ly/cBmR2T

1884: Sophie Tucker, vaudeville entertainer billed the “fat girl” who enjoyed 50 years of stage, radio, & TV success, born.

1917: Edna Hibel, 1st woman to win the Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts, born.

1976: Sarah Caldwell becomes 1st woman to conduct at NY’s Metropolitan Opera House as she leads orchestra in “La Traviata.”

1984: US TV anchor Christine Craft wins her age & sex discrimination case against KMBC-TV after being demoted because she was “too old, too unattractive and wouldn’t defer to men.”

1992: Japan apologizes for forcing thousands of Korean women into sexual slavery during World War II.

1995: America3 becomes 1st all-female crew to win an America’s Cup (sailing) race. http://bit.ly/dIgukl




One response to “January 13th

  1. Love the daily digest and tweets Shelby. I just realized that 1/13/1913 was the founding of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority on the campus of Howard University. Just thought I’d throw you another factoid.

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