Google Dudeles Equality Watch 2013

In 2013, Google has featured 26 doodles honoring birthdays of people who they deem to have contributed to the building and advancement of society. Of those , 19 were male and 7 were female. (This count current as of 3/3/2013)

Male Birthdays

1. Eliezer Ben Yehuda
2. Barış Manço
3. Aleko Konstantinov
4. Rubén Darío
5. Andrija Mohorovičić
6. Juraj Jánošík
7. Leonid Gaidai
8. Polde Bibič
9. Jackie Robinson
10. Manuel Alvarez Bravo
11. Josef Kajetán
12. Jagjit Singh
13. Fyodor Shalyapin
14. Nicolaus Copernicus
15. Nasir al-Din al-Tusi
16. Arthur Schopenhauer
17. Victor Brecheret
18. Park Su-Geun
19. Edward Gorey

Female Birthdays

1. Cecilia May Gibbs
2. Emma Gad
3. María Elena Walsh4. Mary Leakey
5.  Elsa Beskow
6. Anne Cath Vestly
7. Miriam Makeba


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