February 8th

1587: Mary, Queen of Scots, is beheaded for treason on the order of her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I.

1851: Kate Chopin, US author of ‘The Awakening’ & about 100 short stories, known for her analysis of women’s lives, born.

1871: Lucy Minnigerode, US nursing pioneer, organized nurses for the Red Cross & the U.S. Public Health Service, born.

1879: Maud Slye,US pathologist, studied inherited cancer transmission, 1st to do mass studies on genetically uniform mice, born

1911: Elizabeth Bishop, US poet, Poet Laureate of the US, National Book Award Winner, born. http://ht.ly/3Sn1A

1964: Rep. Martha Griffiths (D-MI) asks Congress to include prohibition of sex discrimination in US Civil Rights Act of 1964.

1968: 3 college students killed by police, 28 injured, in civil rights protest of a segregated bowling alley in Orangeburg, SC.

1973: Oregon becomes the 25th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment & Minnesota becomes the 26th.

1985: Brenda Renee Pearson becomes the 1st Black female US House court reporter to record a State of the Union address.

1986: Debi Thomas becomes 1st Black woman to win US National Women’s Singles competition. She was a pre-med student at the time

1998: The 1st female ice hockey game in Olympic history is played. Finland beats Sweden 6-0.


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