February 5th

1777: Georgia became 1st US state to outlaw primogeniture, the legal insistence the 1st male heir inherits the family estate.

1788: Sarah Goodridge, US miniatures painter, born. http://ht.ly/3QRWw

1848: Belle Starr, famed Texas outlaw, born. http://ht.ly/3QS5k

1871: Mary Sewall Gardner, nursing pioneer, co-founder of (US) National Organization for Public Health Nursing, author, born.

1894: Vereeniging voor Vrouwenkiesrecht (Women’s Suffrage Association) founded in Amsterdam. Dutch suffrage was won in 1919.

1948: Gretchen Fraser becomes 1st US woman Olympic slalom gold medalist & 1st American to win Olympic gold for skiing.

1973: Emily Howell, who learned to fly at 17 because she was too young to be a flight attendant, becomes the 1st female pilot on a US commercial airline (Frontier) when she assumes duties as a 2nd officer on a Boeing 737.

1973: 30 NOW members in Washington, DC sell their blood to raise money for the Equal Rights Amendment campaign.


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