February 27th

1818: Emma Marwedel, one of the founders of the kindergarten in the US, founded 1st free kindergarten in CA, born.

1837: Francesca Alexander, US illustrator & author who translated Italian songs & folk stories to English, born.

1850: Laura Howe Richards, US author of over 90 books, most of them specifically for girls, born. http://bit.ly/xkMFxb

1869: Alice Hamilton, occupational health expert, 1st woman appointed to faculty of Harvard, born.

1872: Charlotte Ray graduates from Howard Law School, becomes the 1st female African American lawyer in the US.

1892: Marian Anderson, celebrated contralto, 1st Black person, male or female, to sing at Metropolitan opera, born.

1922: US Supreme Court upholds the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees women the right to vote.

1932: Elizabeth Taylor, one of the great screen actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age, HIV/AIDS activist, born.

1942: Charlayne Hunter-Gault, 1st Black woman admitted to U of Georgia, 1st Black writer at the New Yorker, born.

1971: The first abortion clinic in the Netherlands, Mildred Huis, opens in Arnhem.

1973: Official style book of US Government Printing Office includes “Ms.” as “optional female title w/out marital designation.

1997: Divorce became legal in Ireland.


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