February 21st

1431: Joan of Arc’s trial, for heresy before an French ecclesiastical court, begins.

1824: Sister Angela Gillespie, founder of Holy Cross Nursing Sisters who served as military nurses during US Civil War, born.

1845: Emma Thursby, soprano known as “The American Nightingale,” one of the most famous US singers of the 19th century, born.

1846: Sarah Bagley, labor organizer, becomes the 1st woman telegraph operator.  http://ht.ly/40h5y

1855: Alice Freeman Palmer, educator; founded predecessor organization to American Assn. of University Women (AAUW) in 1881, born.

1866: Lucy Hobbs Taylor earns her doctorate in dentistry from the Ohio College of Dental Surgery, becoming the 1st US female dentist.

1903: Anaïs Nin, French-Cuban author famed for her journals, erotic literature, & short stories, born. http://ht.ly/40hpG

1927: Erma Bombeck, US humorist known for her newspaper column that described suburban home life, born.

1933: Nina Simone, US singer, pianist, composer, & civil rights activist, born. The divine Nina: http://ht.ly/40hEO

1936: Barbara Jordan, politician, feminist & civil rights leader, 1st Southern Black woman elected to Congress, born.




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