February 1st

1587: Elizabeth I of England signed the execution warrant for her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots.

1857: Lucy Wheelock, kindergarten pioneer & founder of Wheelock College, born. http://ht.ly/3Oemu

1862: Lyrics to ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’  by Julia Ward Howe published in The Atlantic Monthly.

1878: Hattie Wyatt Caraway , 1st woman elected to US Senate (1932, D-AR) & 1st woman to preside over the Senate in 1943, born.

1888: Winifred Goldring, 1st female official state paleontologist, 1st females president of US Paleontological Society, born.

1925: Sophie Udin, 6 other women founded Pioneer Women, a labor Zionist women’s organization based in NYC. It’s now Na’amat USA

1959: Swiss males vote against voting rights for women. Full women’s suffrage was not won in Switzerland until 1971.

1965: Ruby Dee becomes 1st African American actress to play a major role at the American Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, CT.

1978: First US postage stamp to honor a Black woman, Harriet Tubman, is issued in Washington, DC.

1998: Lillian E. Fishburne became the first female African American to be promoted to Navy Rear Admiral.

2009: Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir elected as 1st female Prime Minister of Iceland, also the 1st modern openly gay Head of State.


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