February 16th

1838: Kentucky (US) rules some women, those in rural areas & w/ small children, may vote in school board elections.

1883: Ladies Home Journal publishes first issue, edited by Louisa Knapp Curtis, who would serve as editor until 1890.

1898: Katharine Cornell, US stage actress, writer, theater owner & producer, known as “The First Lady of the Theater,” born.

1900: Mary Switzer, public administrator,worked to improve vocational rehabilitation service for people w/ disabilities, born.

1923: Bessie Smith, ‘The Empress of the Blues,’ records “Down Hearted Blues,” which sells 800,000 copies for Columbia Records.

1943: Mildred Hamack executed – the only American woman executed for anti-Nazi underground activity in World War II Germany

1963: Mary Revell, US, becomes the 1st person to complete a round-trip swim in Italy’s Strait of Messina. http://ht.ly/3XBbH

1982: Agatha Barbara becomes the 1st and only female president of The Republic of Malta.

1997: 1st Conference on Feminism & Orthodoxy took place in NYC, leading to founding of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance.


One response to “February 16th

  1. Elise

    I am a second year medical student at UNC school of Medicine and I started a program that does preventative (key word–prevention :)) health talks at a local sliding scale clinic. My birth control talk that I give to the adolescent girls is my absolute favorite. One of the Doctors that I work with suggested I watch your documentary. Boy am I glad that I did! Your convictions and energy are inspiring! I will most definitely be following your blog–my only non-medical school “just for fun” reading! Cheers!

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