February 13th

1542: The fifth wife of England’s King Henry VIII, Catherine Howard, was executed for adultery.

1815: Anna Ottendorfer, US journalist who built German-language paper New Yorker Staats-Zeitung into a powerhouse, born.

1825: Julia Caroline Dorr, author, one of Vermont’s 1st female literary figures, founder of the Rutland Free Library, born.

1870: Esther Morris appointed Justice of the Peace in Wyoming, becoming the 1st woman to hold that position in the US.

1881: The feminist newspaper La Citoyenne is first published in Paris by the activist Hubertine Auclert. http://bit.ly/ycgnHc

1894: Mary Cardwell Dawson, founder of the National Negro Opera Company, president of National Association of Negro Musicians, born.

1906 Pauline Frederick, journalist, 1st woman network radio correspondent, 1st woman to moderate a presidential debate, born

1907: English suffragists storm British Parliament & 60 women are arrested.

1918: Patty Berg, professional golfer & a founding member & leading player on the Ladies Professional Golf Association, born.

1942: US Marine Corps Women’s Reserve, trained women for shore duty so men could be released for combat duty, established


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