Radical Women’s History Project

Radical Women’s History Project is a year long multimedia journey to chronicle, via short, date specific facts, the contributions and accomplishments of the world’s women, explicitly centering women of color, indigenous, queer, trans, women with disabilities, and non-Western women.

Women and men have been denied for far too long the history of half of the population. When we know what the women before did and overcame, it becomes more possible to see ourselves doing and overcoming.

But just as women have been mostly left out of the broad discourse we call “history,” women of color, indigenous, queer, trans, women with disabilities and non-Western women (and women living within all the intersection thereof) have been further marginalized, mostly left out of or tossed in as an afterthought in feminist attempts to add women to existing history. This is as damaging as leaving women out entirely, servicing kyriarchy by silencing the very voices deemed most threatening and marginalizing the women most threatened due to that fact. These women, ALL women, have a valiant and complicated history – one that women and men of all identities would be better served by knowing.

The RWHP has 3 parts: a Tumblr page, daily fact tweets on the #RWHP and #wmnhist Twitter tags, and a Facebook page, where we post longer notes about the facts of the day and general women’s history news.

If you have a fact, suggestion, correction, complaint or otherwise, please email radicalwomenproject@gmail.com.


6 responses to “Radical Women’s History Project

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  4. Rosalinda Mansfield

    Hi Shelby, I was just visiting your website given the fact I just viewed your film last Thursday night at a college lecture, you are a true inspiration and I admire your strength and concern about sex education even though we live in a country of “freedom” per say is not truly freedom what we got is plenty of STDs and other unwelcome diseases. I will check more of your website later on but I needed to let you know how much such a young woman has brought light into an older person’s life

  5. Liana Cassar

    I love what I’m learning from your tweets. Inspiration and education. Thanks for doing this work!!

  6. What’s up, yup this article is genuinely pleasant and I have learned lot of things from it regarding blogging. thanks.

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