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  1. Valerie

    I would like to know if you might be speaking anywhere I could go to see you (and encourage my friends to come along). I live in Dallas. Was talking about your film, which I saw a few years ago, to a co-worker and decided to look you up to see what you were up to 🙂

  2. Leigh

    Just wanted to say I saw your doc today and loved it but even more so loved you! Your kindness mixed with your determination brought tears to my eyes. You are wise beyond your years and I for one believe, that Christ is happy that you got his message of love right.
    I look forward to hearing you name more and more in the future and I really I hope someday I bump into you in NYC.

  3. Kris

    Hello! I’m the President of the University of Kansas Law Students for Reproductive Justice and we’re about to have our second annual screening of “The Education of Shelby Knox” at the end of the month. I was wondering if you might be passing through Kansas some time this year? I would love to have you come speak to the students at KU!

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  5. Terri Miller

    Hey Shelby, I believe that the 22nd is Roe v. Wade’s 38 anniversary.

  6. sam wall

    I just read an article about you in “Bust” magazine, and I found it incredibly inspiring. The article mentioned that you became certified by the Red Cross to give accurate sex advice. How does one go about getting certified, as I would really like to.

    • Not sure if this will help you, Sam, and I’m not sure if this is what SK was referring to when she mentioned certification from the Red Cross… but in Oklahoma City, the area Red Cross offers STD/HIV Education training [].

      Their website says, of this training: “The Purpose of this course is to prepare instructors who can help participants in Red Cross HIV/AIDS community sessions build the skills they need to prevent HIV infection. Candidates will learn how to facilitate discussions about HIV and AIDS in factually accurate, non-judgmental and culturally sensitive ways. Upon successful completion, candidates will be able to identify ways to use skill-building activities with adults and teens and effectively facilitate activities that involve task groups, role play, brainstorm, demonstration and practice. ”

      Check with your local area Red Cross to see if they offer this or similar training. Hope that helps, Sam!

      Yours in the Spirit of Service,

  7. cale

    i just watched your video in my sociology of sexualities class yesterday. i just wanted to say that you’ve restored a lot of the faith i lost in humanity. you taught me that tolerance can come from unexpected places.
    thank you for being you!


    • She has no tolarance, only views that make money and get her attition. She is trying to clip Duke’s balls, an imaginary game charicter. Started an internet petition to stop a game that has death, rape, distruction- and she is pissed besouse there is some slapping in there. What about the killing, is that less than slapping?????? How pathetic a life she must live to focus on a game to clip the balls of a man that saves the world from an invading army. wtf!

  8. Joe

    Why aren’t you in the kitchen where you belong?

  9. vaydeyogayms

    Bitch tits.

  10. John Doe

    I read your article about Walmart and Duke Nukem Forever and all I have to say is: BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS!

  11. Nukem, Duke

    My balls of steel disapprove of your Duke Nukem Forever petition.
    Eat shit and die.

    • GO Duke, fuck this cunt trying to manipulate everyone into her little box.

      • tommy

        Duke Nukem Rules!! This lady needs to get a grip on reality. I wonder how many men who beat and rape their wives have played duke nukem? NONE!!!

        She’s obviously has a sad life.

  12. Will Smith

    all in favor of a shelby nox skin mod being applied to the capture the babe game mode please sign my petition

  13. Duke

    Someone has a vagina full of tumbleweeds. Duke wouldn’t slap your ass for a million walmart petitions.

  14. Get A. Life

    HAHAHAHA….. people like you just make me want to bust up laughing! Your entire life, you have been ignored by men because you’re such a smug, opinionated c**t, and now you’re trying to take out your pent up rage on a simple, innocent, completely imaginary video game. If you don’t like the game, don’t buy it. It’s THAT simple. Why do you feel the need to make the game unavailable to those who do want to buy and play it? Do yourself, and everyone else a favor… GET A LIFE!

  15. nottelling you

    on this women rights issue cause Tell Walmart: Don’t sell “Duke Nukem Forever” with “Babe-Slapping Mode” ok yea, it is might be degrading to women and girls, but come on its just a game!!! it is rated m for mature for a reason. its not for kids!!! if you dont want your kids to buy it then dont buy it. simple as that!!! if you want to take this video game off the shelves then why not take the video games like the sims or grand theft auto or better yet call of duty which promote violence and stealing cars off the shelf!!! oh yea, its called freedom of speech and last time i checked this was america!!! dont like it??? get out please!!!

  16. Cyber Police

    You’re a disgusting cunt. Please stop projecting your unhappiness with life out on innocent gamers, trying to enjoy an adult game made FOR adults. Seeing as it’s for 17+ gamers, only bad parents would purchase it for their pre-17 year old child.

    That is all.

  17. Sawyer Gomez

    Hello there,
    I am a working FEMALE, who works 2 jobs and waited a decade for Duke Nukem. I played this game when I was younger and couldn’t wait for it’s release, then I see your petition. Now just to let you know, I was abused by my father & brother and molested by my brother’s best friend. I have PTSD, hypothyroidism, and can’t have children and have been trying to for years.

    How is it that even though I suffered all of these, I still have the common sense to know not to jump the gun, especially on something as petty a video game. There are tons of movies with men punching and killing women yet people realize that it’s fictional. As a psychology minor, it seems you have a slight condition of penis envy, which isn’t uncommon with women who’ve been through a lot, and i’m sorry that you have.

    As a fellow female, I request you take down this petition, because not only are you making chaos for others like: the media, department stores, game developers who spent years creating a high demand game, common women who barely know any details but just assume it’s an “evil” game, but you’re causing chaos to other FEMALE gamers who waited so long and worked so hard to get this game out. That’s right, Women helped make this game because they enjoyed it.

    Don’t ruin so many peoples happiness and hopes due to a fantasy world. There are so many other things that are far worse happening to women that are REAL. It’s not fair that you cause such stress on so many, especially the hard working women who’ve been working to make the game, advertising, sound affects, and music. Yes indeed, those women will be suffering horribly if this game is suddenly cancelled due to time and money. So please think about that before you randomly decide to make a petition.

    Sawyer Gomez

    • The Douk

      It is quite an amazing sight that a woman who would be plausibly justified in hating on this game take a level-headed stance, and I thank you for being rational despite your unfortunate upbringing.

    • Vikram

      This, right here, is the post of an intelligent human being.

      Here, here, Sawyer Gomez.

      I second your motion.

  18. Janet E Smith

    I just signed your petition against the ‘Duke Nukem’ disgusting cowardly video. I wish your petition the greatest success!

  19. Hey Shelby!

    I just wanted to say;

    People should have the choice to purchase this game, and even a parent should be allowed to make that choice as well, it is after all, their child, not yours or mine. What is the point of freedom if people like you keep trying to take it away from everyone?

    Also I think that you should reflect on yourself and read up on some things. Grow up, you’re a nazi.

  20. Duke Nukem Advocate

    “This entire game is a LAMPOON of misogyny. It’s a joke on overtly testosterone filled game characters and IS MAKING FUN OF ITS SUBJECT MATTER! IT’S NOT REALLY SAYING SLAP WOMEN! IT’S SAYING THE EXACT FUCKING OPPOSITE!

    You over-sensitive activists don’t understand irony and sarcasm. You take everything at face value and get all worked up OVER NOTHING! It’s absurd. Stop this ridiculous campaign and LEARN TO TAKE A FUCKING JOKE. You are absolutely idiotic if you sign this petition in earnest.


    Seriously. Couldn’t you spend your time doing something productive?

  21. Jeff Burstmann

    Please leave Duke Nukem alone.
    I think 17 year olds are aware that video games are not real, so your concerns are unfounded.
    This game is a parody of every 80s and 90s ever made and is not to be taken seriously. You should spend your time on other issues, like getting women equal pay. Stop being mad about videogames.

  22. oz

    @ Janet e Smith. You say you signed the stupid petition against the “disgusting cowardly video” are you even aware that it is a game not a video? You are obviously one of the common women which have no idea what this GAME is about whom Sawyer Gomez eluded to. Wake up to yourself and stop acting like a munted bitch.

  23. Shelby Fan

    Cool petition bro! The only surefire way to stop violence against women is to stop it’s fictional portrayals! A lot of people don’t realize it, but attempting to help REAL people (pfffft) is absolutely pointless. That’s why I’m glad you DO realize it. I just wanted to say YOU’RE AWESOME.

    • The Douk

      i no rite?

      Helping real people is totally overrated, I mean why bother when you can hit the root: Video Games.

  24. Alex

    You’re a sad person who lives to complain.

  25. Duke Nukem

    I find your attack on the free speech of American companies abhorrent. I didn’t take a bullet in Iraq so some bitchy feminazi could attack the Constitution.

    Die in a fire.

  26. The Douk

    I guess you were just okay with all the video games before where you murder about a million and a half people, but the second someone tries make a game that has a mode where you have the option to slap a women, god forbid you let that stew.

    You completely missed the point about the game. It is a caricature. A parody. You might as well make a petition to The Onion to stop being sexist. This game is about a man so awesome that he repels alien invasions single handedly using shrink rays and jet packs and big freaking guns, he is also a ladies man in the most unbelievable sense. It is completely unrealistic, and that is the point.

    If your focus is narrowly fixated on a perceived slight on women in a game where the main character is like the described above, I fear for you, because there are much more pressing issues than Wal-Mart selling a bad game. Like the parts of the Congo where it would be a surprise to find a woman with both her hands, or on a lighter note how about Playboy? They have been objectifying women for longer than you have been alive but hey, they must be a hard target.

    My point is, in a world as messed up as ours you are getting hung up on an issue so insignificant that its like getting angry about the color of the walls in a house that is on fire.

  27. Fusion Skydweller

    I find your attack on the freedom of speech and information to be appalling.

  28. Stupid Cunt Is You

    Funny how movies with people slapping women (and worse) are perfectly fine to sell at retail locations but a video game isn’t?

    I live in the US where we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH, go back to a commie country you stupid cunt.


  30. I_need_my_Duke

    Shelby Knox is so scared of dicks, she is afraid every day that ALL MEN WANT TO RAPE HER ASSHOLE!.

    Shelby Knox loves to lick Santorum off her lesbian soul mates fat vagina

    Shelby Knox sucks 38 dicks not including mine.

    Shelby Knox tries not to suck any dick on her way through the parking lot.

    Shelby Knox once sucked 15 dicks in a row, and snowballed her sister.

    Shelby Knox hates video games yet thinks lifetime movies are the shit.

    Shelby Knox masturbates to pictures of live-stock.

    Shelby Knox fucks dragon shaped dildos pumped into her by Phil and Lil’s mom from “The Rugrats”

    Shelby Knox sucks homeless guys off for money.

    (copy and paste to every blog page to googlebomb these key phrases to the top of google’s index)

  31. dukem

    your decision to ban the free speach and press our forefathers fought for all because a videogame? wake up your rights to have a petion are soon coming to an end… all because you are a moron. rise against them all, self government is the answer! infowars!

  32. Dana

    In regards to the Duke Nukem Petition:

    Pull your dick out of gamer’s asses, stop being a pretentious jerk, and for fuck sake mind your own goddamn business.

  33. this is the video game you are so against. and you think your silly petition will have any effect? Far far worse has been shown then a slap on the ass in this world and yet this is what you choose to fight? you have no clue what womans rights are and you should not pretend to.

  34. Ishtar

    You know, I’m pretty sure my say will have a touch more impact. I’m a girl, no that’s not quite right. I’m 18 now, so I’m a woman. As a kid my parents played video games and we had lots of fun together. My dad played a game for a short while called “Duke Nukem 3D”. I didn’t know what it was but he had fun so I did just watching. As I got older I understood better what Duke Nukem was, nothing but a hilarious stereotype making fun of that belief that men are superior etc. When I discovered there was supposed to be a duke nukem forever I got in line as one of those people all like, “I can’t wait for it!” It’s been quite a few years now, I’m older and still laugh at it. I’ve had my ups and downs in relation to this and when I found out it was going to finally be made I was excited! What I wasn’t excited about was the fact that you’re obviously attempting to stir the controversy pot like Fox News does. You’ll most likely lose this battle, not enough people care on your side of the cause.

    Money>A big mess you started because you felt like it.

    On an even further note I have to ask, what about the other side of the issue? So is it socially acceptable for a woman to be a bitch to a man but if a man acts the same way it’s wrong? So men have to cower at your feet like little puppy’s so you can nurture and control them? Equality doesn’t mean you win always and forever. Equality means it’s a 50/50 chance. We have our rights, if you really want to help stir the pot and do something for equal rights to women look into the unequal payment issues for women who work. Now that’s something I’d get behind and I’m sure even men would.

  35. Vikram

    This is just another point to reaffirm that, as a society, we are much more comfortable with violence than we are with anything to do with sexuality.

    The more open we are about sexuality the better understanding of it we will all have and the more tolerant we will be.

    If we had a society that was more open and understanding of sexuality and what is, and isn’t, allowed then this game would not be an issue at all because everyone would know that this is NOT how you behave in real life.

    Shelby Knox mentions an age group that will be affected by it that shouldn’t even be allowed to play the game.

    Therefore, the people who do play this game will, hopefully, have the mature mindset to realise that you don’t really treat women this way in real life.

    As others have said – there are movies that are much, much, worse than this that are allowed to go through unchallenged.

    The point here is that it is not a video game, or a movie, that will govern a person’s behaviour – it is they themselves.

    I believe that, until a person is 18, any actions committed by that person is not only their responsibility but also their parents.

    Parents should not be allowing children of the age of 7 to play games rated M for example. You can’t blame the video game makers because the game was tailored to a group and given a rating. Parents need to take responsibility.

    As such, what Shelby Knox should be doing is actually directing parents to NOT buy this game for their children IF THEY ARE UNDER THE APPROPRIATE AGE.

    She should be encouraging parents to be responsible and adhere to the rating of the game.

    Any other comment is simply scaremongering.

    • Aron

      It isn’t sexuality per se, the problem is that sex and sexuality are lumped together. Honestly, there isn’t much I can say that this doesn’t cover much more effectively.

  36. Aron

    I read your petition against Wal-Mart selling Duke Nukem Forever, and while I respect your right to disapprove of the game itself, your argument is flawed.

    I work at a store that happens to sell video games, including the M rated titles, such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. First and foremost, the main age group I have seen coming in for those is 18-24. Second, the only way anyone younger than 17 (the minimum age to legally purchase M rated, after ID check) is required to have their parent present, made aware of the game’s content, and say almost verbatim, “Yes, my child is allowed to play this.” I have made it a point to assure parents of specific instances in games, such as the controversial “No Russian” level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and the majority of parents still agree to their children playing this game.

    My point is that while you are correct that young people will play it, it will only be after their parents allow them to do so. It is not Wal-Mart’s responsibility to protect the children, it’s the parents’.

    That said, where is the other side of equality? Call of Duty rarely, if ever, depicts female soldiers in the battlefield, but we both know they exist. Is that acceptable, in a supposedly “realistic” war game? Even in Duke Nukem, this holds true. The men of Earth are turned into pigs, and slaves to the alien invaders. The player, assuming the role of Duke, is expecting to shoot them all dead while rescuing the imprisoned females. In fact, the only reason the women aren’t turned into pigs is because they are seen by the aliens as vessels, for nothing more than bearing offspring. Duke comes in and RESCUES THEM from that.

    To reiterate my points, I don’t have anything against your cause, or you. My quarrels come from a lack of information and perspective, which is not fair to either side. Gearbox is still a business, and unfortunately, blood, guts, gore and machismo are what sell.

  37. Random Guy

    I’ve been waiting for Duke Nukem Forever for many, many, many years.
    You need to understand that the Capture the Babe multiplayer mode is for comedic effect and not meant to encourage abuse against women. I mean, the community manager at 2K Games (DNF’s Publisher) is a woman and she has no issue with the depiction of women in this game.

    Capture the Babe has been done before in a videogame called Postal 2. In that game that mode was called ‘Snatch’ as in Duke Nukem Forever, the mode is meant to add comedic effect and not meant to be serious at all. I can respect that you worry about how youth would interpret the portrayal of women in Duke Nukem Forever but the game has been rated by the ESRB as Mature which is 17 and over and is not targeted at children (I mean, really, watch the trailer for the game and the video way is this targeted at children, they wouldn’t even understand half of the humor in the game!)

    I’ve been playing violent videogames such as Duke Nukem 3D, Grand Theft Auto, Postal 2, Manhunt, Manhunt 2 and Soldier of Fortune 1,2 and 3 for many years. Probably since the age of 7 or 8 years old and I have never wanted to abuse a woman or kill someone.

    Please just understand, the portrayal of women in this game is not meant to be serious. The game uses alot of humor targeted at adult males and the same as in movies the game includes women being shown naked and portrayed in an unrealistic fashion that is not meant to be taken seriously.

    I fully respect that you care for youth and don’t want abuse targeting at women and rest assured this game will in no way cause people to abuse women. Unfortunantly you decided to voice your concerns about this game on the internet where many people are irrational and will probably abuse you and spam your website which does not reflect on a majority of the people that will be playing this game and only represents the small minority of narrow minded clowns on the internet.


  38. Why don’t you go after the Porn indrustry – something REAL, and not a game. BTW maybe you want to take away Dukes guns so he doesn’t hurt the invading armies? How about going afer Sonic the Headgehog for speading, Mariio Brothers for eating majic mushrooms.
    Get laid and get a life you whiny ass annoying excuse of a life.
    If you met the Duke, you would beg him to slap your ass.

  39. Frances

    I just wanted to say after watching the documentary I realized that stuff does happen in lubbock! Being a college student here and a feminist I found your story inspiring and really wish there were more people like you. You are passionate and hard working. Your struggle throughout the film with your faith and your personal beliefs is something that many go through, myself included. It brought tears to my eyes and made me realize that every little thing counts. Thanks and god Bless

  40. Duke

    Why must people like you always complain about video games. IT. IS. A. GAME. It is make believe, a farse, fantasy etc. Games don’t make people violent or bad. If you don’t like it then don’t buy it. I don’t like tofu but I dont complain about it do I, no. Kids shouldn’t be playing rated M games but that isn’ the games fault, its the PARENTS. How bout you go after them. Just remember gamers are very passionate about games so if you mess with games you start messing with gamers.

  41. lol

    Yea, um no. Don’t pick on fictitious/fiction characters when the reality is that your true enemy is a 32 billion dollar industry known as the porn industry. Unlike that industry, Duke Nukem is a comedy and is also fake (note that CGI =/= real). You might want to go to Sacramento if you are adamant about getting to the source of why females are seen as objects, and though your bitch-fest really does bring good PR (what you hate reasonable people love) your effort might be less wasted if your targets are real problems, instead of ones you make up.

  42. jade holznagel

    I think games are for the older crowd now because all the players that played back in the day are now grown up adults. Sure there are some kids that play but thats what the rating system is for. Parents need to be more carefull what games they buy their kids and don’t take it out on us. There are thousands of movies that have worse and I don’t see them getting attacked.

  43. Anteater

    Regarding Duke Nukem: It’s a game. Don’t infringe on freedom of speech just so you get to keep your sense of security.

  44. Dan

    I have trouble making sense of this for various reasons. I can understand your views but having trouble understanding why you picked Duke Nukem? If you’re to attack the media then what about the adult material? Businesses such as playboy and other fields promote what a woman suppose to be like and many women spend their life trying to fit into this model of what media such as these magazines tend to do. Young women wouldn’t look at Duke Nukem and think, “Hey, I want to get slapped in the ass.” It’s more realistic that a woman would look at the front cover of playboy, and say to themselves, “I must look like that to be accepted.” Why not attack that media?

  45. you hypocrite

    one of you favourite quotes is “The more I see of men the more I like dogs. – Madame de Stael (Germaine Necker)”

    I think that shows your true colors pretty well. You seriously make me sick you hypocritical pretentious twat. You are sexist and hate men, and you hide behind so called ‘womens rights’ as an excuse to hide it. And now you go after a totally harmless video game.

    People like you are what is wrong with world. The problem lies with you not everyone else.

  46. Andy

    Im sorry but being offended by a 3D video character for doing actions on an 18+ game makes you a seriously deluded person. Cruel out of the box you live under and realise as a “feminist” there is alot more you should be worrying about. Why have you not spoke up against one of the many books which follow the same ideas as this game, or what about one of the many movies?

    It is infact deluded people like you who cannot tell the difference between real life and a fictional characters. Your the person who we should worry about. I just dont like people trying to force their personal views upon others, anyone who does should be ashamed though no doubt you will be to close minded to accept this.

  47. Hugger

    Shelby, you’re a psychopath bitch

  48. Man

    There’s only one thing worse than a feminist, and that’s a bitch that won’t do what she’s told.

    Long live the King…

  49. Hugger

    You don’t mess with Duke, B.!.T.C.H

  50. Dado

    Fuck you bitch ..

  51. Dwayne

    It seems you’ve hit the trove of 12 year olds that are on Xbox 360 network using their new scary curse words every 12 seconds.

    – If they actually would READ your profile, you make it clear about your heterosexual orientation. Even then, the disparaging use of the term dyke / lezbo really says a great deal about how spot on the complaint from SK is.
    – The flowing use of misogynist terms, violent language and phrases, all to defend an aspect of a game is really just sad.
    – to those saying why don’t you defend real women – I know for a FACT that SK has done a great deal more in her short years than many of these couch-potatoes that wail so loudly.

    Many of these replies should be shown to the poster’s mothers. Perhaps they need the computer taken away and to get out there, go do some community work at the local soup kitchen, spend time with victims of sexual violence to get some perspective in life. Perhaps since the Playstation network is still down, this is an opportune time.

    Look, as a PS3 owner and a life long gamer I get the escapism that video games provide. I also understand that these games DO get in the hands of young people, WAY under the age of 18. As part of the multiplayer game, it ensures that there will be REPEATED impressions of this violent act. This is what creates the desensitization that SK is point out here. This is not a critical point of the game, and it really does cross the line. She has a right to complain to Wal Mart and ask them not to stock the game in it’s current form. She is not asking for key story elements to be changed.

    Please – have some decency and learn to respectfully disagree with people. The only person you’ve “pwned ” is yourself.

  52. Hats Off to You!

    What we have here is a real Petri dish.

    Put out a little enzyme of social critique and every spore of mold and slime and scum alights, propagating into a festering stench of lower-life form overgrowth. You let the vermin prove your case with nary an effort spent on your part.

    Clever strategy, Shelby! You are seriously smart.

  53. Tony

    I wasn’t going to post a comment, as this sort of debate could rage until the end of time. However, the petition, and more recently, Dwayne’s comment made me feel as though I should weigh in.

    There are some incredibly immature posts on this board, I won’t deny that. Unfortunately, a lot of game players are little kids, and behave as such. However, the misinformation and generalizations being associated with us (game players) is offensive as well. I have no problem with equal rights for women. In fact, my fiance’ has a better job than I right now, and is very strong and independent. We aren’t all “couch potatoes,” contributing nothing to society. I am too old for my mother to take my computer away from me, since I’m 23 and live on my own. I work at least 6 days a week, often more than that, and spend my spare time keeping the house clean, and attempting to develop my own game with a team I’ve been assembling.

    Unfortunately, those that are speaking out against Duke Nukem Forever, not only seem to be taking this issue entirely at face value, but are leaving out small details in order to make the game, and Gearbox Software, look as evil as possible. For instance, Miss Knox keeps claiming that the game is marketed towards children. This is a falsehood. The game is rated M for Mature, and can therefore not be legally sold to anyone under the age of 17. This is why we have the ESRB rating system. Finding out what type of content is in a game is a as simple as being able to read. I would imagine any decent parent would, in the interest of their child’s well-being, take the time to flip a game case over, and read 10 to 15 words before buying such a game for their child. Beyond that, game developers and distributors cannot, and should not be held responsible for what children play. If a youngster gets his hands on this game, perhaps the parents should be held accountable. There is too much scapegoating when it comes to media and the behavior of young adults.

    Moreover, the petition claims that Duke encourages violence towards women, and does not explain that the “slapping” found in the game is an affectionate slap on the butt, as opposed to a brutal hit to the face. Duke, as a character, is designed to be a caricature, and to be interpreted in a satirical and sarcastic manner. No man on Earth can slap the butt of any woman he wants. But in this game, Duke can. If human beings cannot make that distinction between reality and fiction, then those human beings will end up in some kind of trouble, whether they play DNF or not, as they likely were born with or have developed some form of psychological or sociological condition. Guys are not going to go out en mass and start randomly slapping butts after playing this game.

    I’m also willing to bet that most women in a meaningful relationship have received a playful pat on the bottom at some point. I’ll go a step further and say that much of the time, they didn’t mind it. The women in Duke’s version of the world never mind it. But once again, that is not reality, and only an idiot doesn’t understand the difference. Are some game players idiots? Yup. Are all game players idiots? Nope. Are idiots everywhere, from all walks of life, engaging in every hobby imaginable? You bet.

    I don’t believe Miss Knox is truly reaching for equality in this case. More like, the ability to get what she wants, when she wants it, because she’s a woman. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. And the true causes of misogynistic behavior should be the focus of ALL of her attention. Terrible educational systems, thousands of children being raised in a dysfunctional environment, and lazy parenting are all much more of an issue than any game will ever be.

    To be fair, I would request that Miss Knox posts a petition against the TV Show Sex and the City, as that seems to send all kinds of inappropriate messages towards young girls *rolls eyes.* The women on that show engage in wanton sexual acts, and generally make poor life decisions, but everything always turns out OK since they’re wealthy and friends with one another. See what I did there? I took the show at face value, incorrectly cited the target audience, and left out the details that don’t work for me.

    Duke Nukem always has been an exaggerated image of the male ego. Playing as Duke makes us laugh because we know that none of us could ever do the things he does. We’ll never fight off alien invasions single-handed. We’ll never have monuments dedicated to us (most of us anyway). We’ll never have thousands of women all simultaneously wanting to be with us. And we’ll never escort women back and forth between “bases,” slapping them on the butt because they don’t move fast enough.

  54. Nuke Dukem

    Are you serious? Duke Nukem is a VIDEO GAME! Get a fucking life ffs,,, also, BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS!

  55. Zane Liston

    I just saw your documentary, and I’m about 90% sure we are the same person 🙂 I live in Tyler (East Texas) and I am a Democrat in a sea of Republicans. I believe that God couldn’t possibly hate any kind of people, be it Muslims or Homosexuals, but I am still an avid church goer. Watching your struggle has made me realize that there are people out there just like me. I am in high school and I cannot believe how little the adults in my life think of me. My peers have never formed their own opinions and are hateful people. I am proud to be like you, Shelby. 🙂 thank you so much

  56. Just watched your documentary today. You are so inspiring! Being from a Christian home and conservative community, I know how difficult the challenges you faced were. Super awesome job at taking a stance for what you believe in!

  57. Ronnie crimes

    Shelby I enjoy reading your post. Especially the radical women history post. I look at it everyday. I was wondering if you were gon post anything for February. Only January is posted. Thank you for this great info site.

  58. chloe

    you are an incredible woman. I was inspired and blown away by your insight and wisdom. You inspired me as an artist to listen to my voice. Not rthe voice of others. I am the daughter of a famous person and have been persecuted for not being the squeaky clean version of her. I do me and inspire and connect with others because i am what god made me…(me!!!)

  59. chloe

    you are fuckin ausome! your god would be proud! all you bring into the world is love and light as your god did. much love, chloe lattanzi

  60. Amanda

    I just watched The Education of Shelby Knox. I think your mission is still admirable. It’s sad to know that there are so many people afraid of education and equal treatment. You, personally, have somewhat restored my faith in christians and people in general. Continue to fight for the underdog. Thank you for sharing your story and showing the world that one person can make a difference. Never doubt that you have brought much needed attention to the injustice of misinformation and lack of education.

  61. Leslie

    Shelby, I know nothing about you, any film or any of your views. That being said, I am watching “Taboo” and a statement that I had to rewind and play over again that you made has blown me away. You said, “God says (supposedly) that if you are not a virgin when you get married then you are going to hell”.

    A. I do not know if you are a christian, Jew, atheist or whatever, but that statement is completely and totally FALSE. It is because of God’s GRACE through Christ that a person can be SURE they do not go to hell.

    B. The statement you made was said in such a condescending tone that one would see that you were downplaying anything that God actually said on the subject.

    C. You used the word “fear” and “shame”. In the case of someone under the “law”, yes, fear and shame should wear HEAVILY on the person, because that “feeling” is the spirit of the Lord convicting the heart. On the other hand, with a Christian, who lives under “grace” because of Christ, there is no longer fear nor shame.

    It is very dangerous to spout off sentences that are intended to teach about something the Lord takes so seriously. Please do research on the topic of LAW and GRACE before making such accusations in the future.

  62. Todd

    I am so glad to see that someone has already addressed this in the comment above! Shelby, please do not advertise false statements about God or his promises. He never “supposedly” said anything about anyone going to Hell for ANYTHING except fully and finally rejecting Him (blasphemy). I can respect opinions, but not lies. Please do your research or leave it to people that have.

    I would also add to the above that if a female is ever made to feel that she is unfit as a Christian or unfit for God because of sexual impurity, then they have been grossly misinformed about God’s grace and mercy. We all sin: and sin is sin, whether it’s murder, fornication, lying or gluttony. None greater, none less. Any Christian spreading that belief is speaking in error of the Word of God. Those Christians do exist, especially here in the south, but it is a vast minority in my experience.

    I hope God continues to bless you and if you haven’t accepted Him, that you do so. Take care.

  63. Bianca

    I saw you an episode of “Taboo”. Nowhere in the Bible does it say GOD sends people to hell for premarital sex. It is a sin, but GOD is loving, patient, and full of grace and mercy. “FOR HE so loved the world HE sent HIS begotten SON…” to die for our sins. There are radical “religious” people who twist and manipulate The Word to suit themselves and control others. It is man who puts levels of measure on sin; GOD does not. He hates all sin equally and remember it is the sin that HE hates, NOT the sinner. We all fall short of HIS glory, but HIS mercy endures forever and because of JESUS’ blood, we are forgiven so that we can be with THEM in Heaven. I pray that you will take the time to not just read The Word, but STUDY IT so that you will have a full understanding of GOD’s love for everyone. Also, the Bible does not opress women. If you STUDY The Word, then you will see that women are uplifted and to be respected. IT speaks about virtuous women who work inside as well as outside of the home. When a woman “obeys” her husband, it means she gives herslef to him as a gift, not to do his bidding like a dog. That is why it is important for people to STUDY and translate The Bible. I pray that you will have a close and personal relationship with GOD and HIS SON JESUS.

  64. Hello how are you?..My husband has a petition on and we really need help setting up funds for his case..and recruiting more husband was accused of a crime he didnt commit..we wanna raise money so that he can take a poly graph prove his actual innocence..thank you..God Bless

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