A Feminist Live-Blogging the Super Bowl

If I were home in New York, there’s no way – unless I were co-hosting a feminist counter Super Bowl Show, like I was last year– I’d be watching the Super Bowl. I don’t care much for football in general and the ritual around this game especially elicits shows of hyper-masculinity that often cross into downright misogyny. But this year, a speaking gig has landed me in my hometown of Lubbock, Texas, in my parent’s house – and the combination of a white-out blizzard outside and tasty Southern game day food inside are making my usual boycott a little hard.

So, I decided to take to the internets to live-blog the misogyny and rape culture promotion that will captivate most of America for the evening. Below, a list of warm-ups to fill the hours before the game – check back here at 6:15 EST for live-blogging to begin!

Feminist Super Bowl Pre-Game

Click on the link below to launch the Cover It Live window in which the live-blogging will take place. You can add your comments by commenting directly from the window or using the #femsuperbowl tag on Twitter.

Feminist Live-Blogging the Super Bowl



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8 responses to “A Feminist Live-Blogging the Super Bowl

  1. According to stats, men assault their wives and girlfriends more on Superbowl Day than any other day of the year. So weird, isn’t it? This is what watching football does to men, via their hormones and such, apparently.

    That’s why I love baseball only.

    • marcys, that is a horrible statistic. I would wish it not be true, but sadly, it probably is. I will have to research that…sounds like a good topic to write on. I agree with you on baseball. But it has me wondering if there is a dark side of that sport too? Is it the drinking? The hormones? The fraternity of it all?

    • 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5 of the seeris. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)End of the Week

  2. KateM

    See this about increased violence during the SB:


  3. KateM

    Also see the link in this tweet:

  4. Ronnie crimes

    Shelby I enjoyed reading your radical women in history post for January just wondering how can I read february post or have u posted it yet.

  5. Stuart

    Equality of the sexes? You certainly can dish it out, but can you really take equality?

    Military: One standard for physical fitness; just splitting the difference between the two standards for the physical fitness would more than halve the women in the military now because of failure…oops!

    Firefighter: If an average male firefighter can carry two 80-pound children in a critical rescue effort and a female can carry one, which child do you sacrifice?

    There has been continual accomodation for females at many levels already. I have to say, aside from my wife one woman impressed me. She was an admin assist in the govt who had a sign on her desk, “Sexual harassment is not tolerated,…It’s graded!!!” She earned more than My RESPECT, she set the standard for the rights of women today!

    You, on the other hand, speak loudly and with a hypocratic tongue, and voted for Bill Clinton, Democratic Serial Assualter of Women, twice???? Supported Ted Kennedy, killed a woman he was having an affair with? Elliot Spitzer, serial user of women.

    You advocate for these douche’-bags, and sold youself and your lady-friends to the lowest bidder! Prostitute would be a compliment!

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