Off to Pro-Choice Battleground Colorado!

Why am I, a native Texan and current New Yorker, heading to Colorado for two weeks to organize against state ballot initiatives? Well, because I’m an itinerant feminist organizer and if I’m home for too long without a campaign to work on, I get really, really, REALLY difficult to be around.

It’s true – just ask my suffering friends! But the real reason I’m heading to Colorado on Tuesday is because Amendment 62 is really, really, REALLY bad and if it’s not defeated in Colorado then it could impact reproductive rights in my state and yours.

What is this evil thing, you ask? If passed, Amendment 62 would extend legal rights to fertilized eggs, which would ban ALL abortion in the state, with no exception for rape, incest, or risk to the mother’s life. It would also imperil the right to use emergency contraception and some forms of birth control. I visualize this amendment as the government sending in tiny little commandos to guard my uterus, a part of my body, from me. It simply goes too far.

How do I know Coloradans don’t want tiny little commandos in women’s uteri? Because I was there in 2008, organizing against it the first time anti-choice forces put this thing on the ballot and I personally talked to women and men of all parties, ages, and religions who felt the law was too vague, too dangerous, and simply unnecessary. I was there the night we celebrated defeating it 3 to 1. Bringing it back again after such a resounding rejection betrays its’ backers true agenda and it’s one that has nothing to do with Colorado or families and certainly nothing to do with reviving the state’s flagging economy. They want a national, Supreme Court fight on abortion and they don’t care how many Colorado women and families they hurt to get it.

I’ll also be working to defeat a couple of other bad amendment, including Amendment 63, which would block the state from enforcing the new health care law and Amendments 60, 61, and Proposition 101, which would force dramatic and devastating cuts to state services like public education, roads and bridges, public safety, and higher education. And I’ll be doing all of this with my wonderful friends at NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, who’ve been kind enough to invite me out to help!

When I say working and organizing against, well, what does that mean? That’s the other reason I’m so excited about this trip! I get asked a lot what my funny title, itinerant feminist organizer, means aside from blogging and doing interviews about…doing whatever it is I do. So, on this trip I’m going to show you here on this blog, on my Facebook and Twitter, and on the NARAL Colorado’s Facebook and Twitter, exactly what running a pro-choice, feminist, on-the-ground campaign entails. I’ll be posting pictures, video, and podcasts of the glamorous things I’m set to do – like a fantastic NARAL Members-Only Champagne Reception on September 30th – and the not-so-glamorous-but-equally-important and really fun things like making fundraising calls, knocking on doors to get out the vote, and tabling on college campuses.

Are you in Colorado and want to help defend women’s rights in your state? Great! Sign up to volunteer, whether it be making phone calls or knocking on doors to get out the word. Better yet, sign up for a No on 62 Boot Camp and join other me and other activists on a bus as we canvass for the cause – you get a free t-shirt and free food! Not in Colorado but still want to help the campaign? Make a donation and post updates on the campaign on your Facebook and Twitter.

Check back here for updates – Protect Pro-Choice Colorado Tour, Part 2, is about to commence!



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6 responses to “Off to Pro-Choice Battleground Colorado!

  1. Glad to see you traveling to help those in need. Could sure use some more help in OK with our string of terrible anti-abortion legislation!

  2. Susan D. Jones

    Looking forward to reading about your time in Colorado. Hope to see you when I’m in NYC in the spring.

  3. Go Shelby! Excited to keep up with your organizing from NYC. Celebratory margaritas when you return, since I know you’ll kick some anti-choice ass.

  4. Thank you for your work against Amendment 62!

    You might be interested to know that the Coalition for Secular Government recently published a policy paper by Ari Armstrong and me on Colorado’s Amendment 62 and similar “personhood” measures: “The ‘Personhood’ Movement Is Anti-Life: Why It Matters that Rights Begin at Birth, Not Conception.”

    You can find the PDF or HTML versions via this page:

    The paper discusses the current state of the growing “personhood” movement, as well as the effects of a “personhood” law on abortion, birth control, in vitro fertilization, and stem-cell research. It offers a strong defense of abortion rights, arguing that the nature of rights and the biological facts of pregnancy entail that rights cannot begin until birth. And it discusses why “personhood” measures violate the separation of church and state.

    If you find it of value, I hope that you’ll pass on the URL to others.

  5. OB Doc

    Excellent, Diana. So if I go ahead and kill a 38 week fetus, it’s ok, since it hasn’t been “born” yet?
    That’s just fine with you?

  6. Patti

    Got you running scared, don’t we! I tried to join your so-called “town hall meeting” on Sunday, but your phone screener wouldn’t acknowledge my question: Is a fertilized egg a human being? Any medical text will tell you at the moment of conception, a unique human being with its own set of DNA is alive. You cannot deny this is a human being. The personhood amendment would then make sure this person has the same rights, as guaranteed in the Colorado constitution, as the mother. This is a person, not the property of the mother. When the mother’s “choice” is to abort her child because of inconvenience, or even in the case of rape or incest, this is not the child’s fault, then that choice is to kill the child.
    This is the greatest civil rights issue of this century. Like Africans who were enslaved because they weren’t considered persons, we are facing the same lies as then. Interestingly true, is the majority of abortions are happening to African American women. Margaret Sanger, hero to feminists and founder of Planned Parenthood, believed in Eugenics or the elimination of undersirable persons (blacks especially). Abortion “rights” will some day soon be reversed because you base all your arguments on lies! Abortion does hurt women both physically and mentally. See

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