Guest Blogging at Feministe!

I’m sorry for neglecting my blog this past week. I’ve been cheating, posting elsewhere and not sharing the love – how not sex (blog?) positive of me!

I’m honored to be guest blogging at Feministe for the next week, as I have been the past week, talking about feminism, reproductive justice, and whatever else happens to be making me rage. I’ve already touched on Google Doodle’s gender disparity, the Jezebel v. Emily Gould kerfluffle, a new app to combat street harassment, and the Swiss/Roman Polanski travesty. I solemnly swear I’ll put future things here, too. (I also solemnly swear I’m up to no good…)

Got ideas for a post at Feministe or something not getting enough coverage? Leave it in the comments!

And because this is a short post and I can’t get this song out my head no matter what I do, a gratuitous earworm for you, ‘Eet’ by Regina Spektor.


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  1. I love this song, and this album. Regina Spektor is basically a genius and I think kind of necessary for New York living.

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